The Different Types of Window Tinting For Vehicles

Window tinting is not just about the looks of your vehicle. Tinted windows provide better visibility in sunny days. Tinted windows protect the interior of your car and prevent leather fading out and cracking, making sure your upholstery will look good and new for longer time. Tinted windows are great investment – they will save your gas. You won’t use that much of AC in those hot summer days, since tinted windows block the rays from getting inside the vehicle and therefore keep the temperature lower.

Just like there are many types of sunglasses, there are many types of tints for your vehicle windows.

They all have their pros and cons. Let’s see what the types are.

§  Dyed Window Film

  • Metalized Window Film
  • Carbon Tinting Film
  • Ceramic Film

Dyed Window Film is type of window tinting. This dyed film is a layer of dye between an adhesive layer and a protective polyester top coating. The adhesive layer sticks to the window glass. The top coating is here with a purpose – it prevents scratches and damage of the glass. As we have mentioned, there is the purpose of blocking the sun. Talking of this, dyed window film can provide from 5-55% blocking of sun rays. This is most common tint since it is not expensive, yet it provides you with what you need. It doesn’t reflect light, it doesn’t fade with time, on the other side it is not that great if you are looking for a tint to prevent the heat coming in your vehicle.

Metalized Film got its name thanks to small particles of metal in the film which reflects light. They are in the film which consists of several layers. It has a layer for UV protections and unlike dyed film it will protect UV rays from getting to you while driving. It also won’t change color from black to purple as dyed film tends to do over time, due to UV rays. Thanks to the metal particles embedded in the film, the windows will be much more resistant. They will be harder and they will need more pressure to shatter, meaning they make windows even safer. On the other side having metal in your windows has its flaws as well. Metal will interfere with signal, such as mobile phone signals or radio signals. From aesthetic point of view, it is not as good looking as dyed film since it is very shiny. It is more expensive than dyed film.

Carbon film is a mixture of previous types. In one hand, it has no metal in the film therefore there won’t be any problem with interference of the signals. The look is more sophisticated meaning black matte so it can be right choice for you if you are looking for the looks and characteristics. Carbon film is effective in blocking the heat up to 40%, meaning you won’t be using much of your AC in summer or heating in winter. The price varies but it is somewhere between dyed and metalized film.

Ceramic window film is the most expensive type of tinting your windows and you are right if you think it has best characteristics as well. Just like the name says, it has no metal, it has no carbon but it has ceramic particles instead. It has the best performances – it blocks up to amazing 99% of UV rays, it blocks infrared waves with efficiency up to 50%. It looks good without the shiny-metal effect, but still, it provides great visibility both during the day and during the night. There is no interference with any kind of signals at all. This type of tinting is new on the market, but sure it is worth of spending a dime more and get the best for your vehicle and for yourself.

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