The Benefits of Having Your Vehicles Windows Tinted

Window Tinting AutoTinted windows are not just “cool”. They actually can be very useful, and you will find out why.

Maybe you haven’t spent much time thinking about getting your windows tinted, but after reading this, you just might.

We live a fast paced life, in a fast changing world, with vast growth of society. Meaning the number of cars is increasing every day, and the emission of the carbon monoxide into air is extremely high, and is getting higher from day to day. By the laws of nature, this poisonous gas is causing a lot of trouble to nature and the man himself. Why is this relevant for the topic of this article? Because the gas emission is damaging the ozone layer, and through the holes in the ozone layer we get the “not-that-good-part-of-the-sun” in our face. Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous and that’s why we wear sunglasses with UV protection. That is why we have sun lotions with UV factors. And ultraviolet radiation is one of the reasons you have window tinting on your vehicle.

Other than this, tinted windows with 3m are protecting the inside of your car. They are blocking the sunlight. When exposed to strong sunlight, your car upholstery will fade away in short time and leather will dry out and crack. With tinted windows, you are preventing this, and keeping the inside of your car safe of damaging sunrays, just as you are protecting your skin from UV radiation.

If you are a driver, you must have faced a “burning-in-the-car-summer-situation”. Summer overheating is a normal thing, unless you have tinted windows. With blackened windows, as mentioned before, sunrays won’t get inside your car as they would, if there was no tint on the window.

One of the not so known benefits is actually increasing safety level. If an accident occurs and the windows are broken, the tint will keep the glass together, preventing the shattered pieces to injure passengers or pedestrians. This is a life-saving pro on your list to put tint on your vehicle.

Why are they forbidden in some countries?

Tinted windows provide privacy of the driver and the passengers. This is of great importance for VIP persons, politicians and other persons of interest. It can be life-saving as well. On the other side, it can be a hiding shield for criminals, drug dealers and robbers. Being unable to see someone’s face puts us in a position of endangered person, and we automatically feel threatened.

Why say “yes” to tint?

Pros and cons are here. You’ll agree that there is much more than the “cool look” in tinted windows. They will save your skin from UV damages, they will save your car interior from fading out and leather cracking, and they’ll keep the temperature cooler in the summer. Tinted windows give you privacy, they don’t reflect light into other driver’s eyes (note this is accident prevention), and they will keep the broken glass together in case of an accident. Make your life easier and go with tint.

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